Twitter (X) is a farce

Douglas Wayne Ricketts
2 min readOct 19, 2023


I have a love-hate relationship with Twitter. Even before Elon Musk bought it with foreign investor money it was a bit of a cesspool and I avoided having an account for years. However, there are still many good journalists, comedians, and forward-thinking users to engage with. I also decided it would be worth my time to promote some of my musical albums while engaging in political & social discussions while also practicing some comedy writing from time to time.

I tend to write parody lyrics, it’s a habit I started to develop with my old choir friend Kehl way back in 1980. We’d mangle the lyrics to songs we both knew then laugh ourselves silly. It’s a habit that served me fairly well from time to time when I was working for KWHL radio in Anchorage, Alaska in the 90s.

Well, today that habit got me removed from Twitter for - according to them — violating their rules against “violent speech.” I appealed the suspension of my account and received this reply:

Terminated from Twitter!

Here is the post that got me in trouble.

Chucky is grown up Ed Sheerhan

Can you see my frustration with this situation?

There is nothing that irks me more than being accused of something I didn’t do.

I was not making violent threats. I was writing parody lyrics related to Chucky using part of Sheerhan’s song “The Shape of You.” But I guess the AI that runs X/Twitter at this point doesn’t understand humor. It also happens to be Halloween season! What a ridiculous synchronicity.

If a real human made the choice to suspend my account based on parody lyrics? Then I would argue that person is too stupid to be allowed to continue making choices like that.

See y’all on Tribel or Facebook, I guess.



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